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TEZ İLERİ TEKNOLOJİLER VE SAVUNMA SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., uluslar arası alanda lider firmalardan olan “SANTIS HSE Group” ile işbirliği oluşturmuştur.

Untitled-1.jpgDubai’de yerleşik SANTIS HSE Group; 30’un üstünde eğitmeni ile Orta Doğu ve Asya Pasifik bölgesindeki müşterilere hizmet sağlamaktadır. Müşteri portföyü çok uluslu petrol firmalarından kamu hizmeti yapan şirketlere, üreticiden inşaat firmalarına kadar geniş bir yelpazede çeşitlilik göstermektedir.




Who We Are :

Headquartered in Dubai Media City, Santis HSE Group has a dedicated, specialist workforce of more than thirty practitioners and support staff, providing expertise and service to customers across the Middle East and Asia Pacific Region. These range from multinational oil and gas producers to utility companies, independent manufacturers and construction companies.

Our diverse team combines qualifications, knowledge and skills from around the globe to offer a wide variety of options and a flexible approach to your HSE challenge. We guarantee to deliver a customised solution, tailored not just to your company, but to your local legislative regime, the needs of your management and, most importantly, the risks to your workforce.,

What We Do :

based on risk assessments, we can develop a suitable HSE management system for your company and support you through implementation. This can be aligned to ISO or OHSAS if you require, or to your local government’s guidance (such as UK Government Guidance HSG65 Successful Health & Safety Management). We can also support you through independent certification of an HSE management system if you prefer to go down that route.,


For either type of system, putting it into practical terms means we

  • Identify and document health & safety (H&S) risks to your personnel, both office and operations-based, ensuring alignment to local or international standards (local enforcement is on the increase, so we ensure that everything is aligned to the local legislation that impacts your company),
  • Develop H&S documentation / procedures for normal, abnormal (e.g. maintenance of equipment or international travel) and emergency situations ,
  • Develop country-specific information and instruction packages for new employees to fast track them into the system,
  • Develop and deliver suitable training based on the new procedures (or deliver your own training if you already have it,
  • Leadership training on the management system, roles & responsibilities,
  • Conduct audits to assess implementation / compliance,

    If you prefer to start at a different level, we can support you through

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments (legionella, noise, asbestos, air quality),
  • Identification of your occupational health hazards through assessment and measurement,
  • Auditing (ISO 14001, 9001 and OHSAS 18001),
  • Legislative gap analysis and compliance review,
  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Environmental management support,
  • Direct HSE support on sites locally or around the world, supervising, auditing and leading on a day to day basis.,
  • General workforce training in occupational health and safety risks (manual handling, ergonomics, lifting equipment, selection/care/use of PPE, etc.),
  • Development of tailored training packages for your workforce (everything from HSE management skills to your company-specific HSE induction package),
  • Behavioural based safety training,
  • Incident analysis,
  • HSE Training

    In addition to creating training packages tailored to your specific procedures and workforce, we are certified to deliver internationally recognised training, including

  • IOSH Working Safely,
  • IOSH Managing Safely,
  • Bow-Tie.XP,
  • Scaffolding aligned to Australian standards (basic, advanced and scaffolding inspection),
  • Lifting & rigging (we can also provide inspection and certification services for your lifting equipment),
  • What We Offer :

    IT Solutions for H&S Management

    Many companies have advanced technological solutions for their operations. One of our newer services is to add value by offering creatively simple IT solutions for HSE data management (e.g. medical records, accidents, injury management, action tracking, hazardous materials, etc.). The concept is very much around walking before you can run, ensuring systems are easy for people to use while ensuring that the right data can be extracted for management reporting. This is a critical step in a robust system – allowing management to understand strengths and weaknesses of their H&S management system, to allow focus on continual improvement. The beauty of our IT systems is that they are designed by HSE professionals who understand what you need from your H&S data management.






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